Monday, September 29, 2008

Alabama 3

Recorded Alabama 3 Acoustic and Unplugged last night in a 4 camera mix in Cwmaman, South Wales Valley. Great music.

A3 are a four-piece outfit consisting of Larry Love (vocals), Devlin Love (vocals), Rock Freebase (guitar), and Harpo Strangelove (harmonica),

With this line up they bring a whole new dimension to the songs made famous by Alabama 3. This isn’t acid house music, this is country/gospel/delta blues, but played with a rhythm you’ve still got to dance to.
'Blending techno, acid house and country, Alabama 3 has scored big across the Big Pond.
Their music has appeared in "The Sopranos" as the theme song and in the film "Gone in 60 Seconds."

They showed why at the concert.
With only a guitar, a harmonica and two voices, Alabama 3 captivated the audience with an intricate weave of harmonies, melodies and lyrics, which ranged from love and cheating to murder and social injustice.
Alabama 3 founder Larry Love's raspy, intense vocals were a perfect balance to the sweet yet fiery twang from Zoe Devlin.

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