Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The story of Google

Now the biggest issue facing Google - the one that an unnamed Google executive has dubbed the 'atom bomb' - is privacy. Google is the most efficient information-gathering machine ever more

Googol Mathematical term for the figure 1 followed by a hundred zeros, after which Brin and Page named their company (complete with spelling mistake).

4 Number of people in the company when it started (in a garage in Menlo Park, California, in September 1998).

19,604 Number of 'Googlers' (employees) worldwide, many of whom work at the 'Googleplex', the kooky HQ in Santa Clara, CA.

70:30 Ratio of male to female employees.

60% Proportion of worldwide internet searches made on Google.

86% Proportion of total UK searches made on Google.

25,000 Number of web pages indexed by Google early on; today it's in the billions. Each time the company catalogues the web, the index grows by 10-25 per cent.

£0 Amount it costs Google staff to eat (breakfast, lunch and dinner are free).

$157 billion Google's current market value.

40% Proportion of online advertising controlled by Google.

1 Days per week Google engineers are encouraged to spend on other projects that interest them. Google News is said to have resulted from this policy.

112 Number of languages Google 'speaks', allowing users to set their homepage to Latin and, of course, Klingon.

1 million+ Number of CVs sent to Google every year from would-be employees.

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