Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Climate Cycle

This is about my new film- Climate Cycle

In 1993 I co-founded the award winning undercurrents, a non-profit alternative news service. My drive is to use video to bring about social or environmental change. I have directed 24 short docos and supplied images to movies including Human Traffic, Fahrenheit 911, and Glastonbury.My work has also been screened in the Tate Modern. In 2000 I co-founded the annual BeyondTV international video activist festival in Wales. I am currently producing a series of podcasts on Bushcraft skills.I write extensively for newspapers and books on the use of video for social change. I have 15 years experience of using DVCAM and HD cameras and I edit in FCP.

Climate Cycle is the epic adventure of a young school teacher and a train worker in Oxford.After teaching her pupils about global warming, Lowanna decided she couldn't risk damaging the climate by flying home to Australia. With her partner Kevin, the couple travel the 12,000km to Sydney using only sustainable transport- the train, bicycle and cargo ship.

Pedalling through 16 countries, the couple joined in Car Free day in Italy,escaped arrest in Iran,got groped in Pakistan but fell ill in India.
Their journey brought them through storm ravaged forests in France, torrential downpours in the Mediterranean and severe drought in Iran. The effects of Climate Change could be seen everywhere they went.

To gain interest in the story, I have released 5min podcasts entitled Bike2Oz for the last 5 months which has built up a growing audience. Over the coming months I will design an online forum and resources to support the film and promote climate friendly travel. The lively interest in the podcasts have confirmed that there is support for a 30min film.

The couple won an Australian National Geographical young explorers award for their epic trip.The entire trip was professionally filmed in DVCAM by the couple, cycling much of the journey twice as they set up a tripod to film themselves going over mountain passes and landmarks. I am working with Kevin and Lowanna to tell their story and the editing is with FCP.The film is narrated only by Kevin and Lowanna.

6. Tell us about a documentary you loved and why. (100 max word)

Favela Rising
This documentary inspired me watch it again and again, to relive the inspiration of Anderson Sa, a former drug dealer in the poorest areas of Rio to give his community hope through AfroReggae music and dance. Despite his family being killed by Police and being crippled by gunshot, he overcame all this to bring about real change and inspire young people to be their bigger selves. Favela Rising gave me a real insight into the violent world created by poverty but also gave me hope that we can unite to effect grass-roots social change.

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