Monday, August 11, 2008

Climate Camp was a Sucess

Climate Camp was a blast- we set up and managed an entire TV studio in a field powered entirely on Solar power.

We produced daily chat shows and news and uploaded them to the web. Incredibly rewarding and the first outide broadcast for our VisionOn.Tv project.

The energy corporation EON said that the power station had been running normally all weekend but I learned the truth from a most unlikely source: the police.

On Saturday, four bold rebel rafters got very close to the power station water intake pipe before being boarded and captured. They were arrested and charged with aggravated trespass and, according to their charge sheets, “they did an act, namely disrupting the running of the power station by causing the water inlet cooling system to be shut down.” That doesn’t sound like E.ON’s claim of “business as usual” to us!

Despite EON spending millions on extra security, and the Government spending millions on policing; despite the extra fences, the smear campaigns, the scare stories, and the most repressive and heavy-handed policing of peaceful protest for many years; despite all of this, the activist got over the fences, disrupted the power station, and massively embarrassed an international energy giant. They outsmarted 26 police forces to run the biggest climate camp ever. They covered the river in boats,filled the streets with people, covered the power station gates with banners and hit at least eight other targets with autonomous actions. They flooded the national, local and independent media with stories and messages. E.ON and the Government threw everything they could at themn, and they still couldn’t hold them back.


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I think it was a real success, too, but for slightly different reasons. I blogged my thoughts here: