Saturday, August 09, 2008

Climate Camp 2008 TV

VisionOn.Tv is a new internet TV channel showing you the views you aren't getting about environmental issues. We are at the Climate Camp in Kent this week.
Reporting daily from the most radical resistance to Climate Change in the UK. Click on to watch the latest videos.

Currently Police are seizing home made rafts to stop activists from shutting down the polluting coal fired power station at Kingsnorth. Police have spent a week intimidating campaigners and local people alike. From head to toe searches (including between peoples toes), blocking an ITV broadcast van for 3 hourss, sending riot polices in at dawn, stop and search every single person.

But it hasn't stopped nearly 2000 people having a festival spirit. VisionOnTv are co-ordinating video reporters including Undercurrents crew to report from the many aspect of the demonstrations, direct actions and Camp life.

Click here to watch all the videos.

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Good luck with this excellent project! I wish you good luck for the future!