Monday, July 28, 2008

Publish and be damned

Vargas Organisation, London will be represented at this year's Publish
and Be Damned independent publishers' fair thanks to Marina Vischmidt
who will be in London and therefore able lay the table. This year's
offer features proudly spineless booklets and pamphlets, nicely bound
volumes, loose leaves, ambient sounds and flyers including: polemics by
Stewart Home, reports by Tom McCarthy, warnings by Marlene Haring,
demolition by Alexander Brener and Barbara Schurz, and aerials by
Anthony Auerbach. Free stuff for visitors to the fair.

The fifth Publish and Be Damned fair features over 80 individual and
experimental approaches to publishing and takes place on

Sunday 3 August 2008, 12 noon until 6 pm at
Rochelle School, Arnold Circus, London E2 7ES

Admission is free. If you can't make it to the fair you can browse and
buy online at

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