Monday, July 14, 2008

Looking for Vegan film Producer (London)

Found this today-
I am currently working on my graduation film with the London Film School.
The film will be 15 minutes in duration, shot in late August in London. It
will be shot in the Red camera and the budget for the film will be
approximately ukp3700.

The subject matter of the film does have a vegan sub-text but the overall
narrative is also appealing for non-vegans alike. Don't worry, the message
of veganism isn't preachy or didactic.

I am looking for a producer who is comfortable working within the
budgetary confines of a student film. Please email with a CV and/or
details of previous work experience. As it is an unpaid collaboration
student film on a very tight budget, only expenses and food will be
provided on the shooting dates.

Please email with any questions. Ryan

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