Wednesday, July 02, 2008

From Ear to Eye

A proposal i am trying to get funded

An introduction to the movers behind UK’s counterculture media. Since the media technology boom of the 1980’s, the number of people producing and distributing their own news shows has exploded. But why are so many people feeling the need to bypass the mainstream broadcasters to produce their own news?

Ronan O'Rahilly will reveal how British people wanting to hear the music of the counter-culture in 1967, tuned into his own Radio Caroline. To circumnavigate the tightly controlled British air waves, he began broadcasting on a ship three and a half miles off the coast of Essex. Without Government speeches, lectures, gardening tips or cookery suggestions, Woman's Hour, or Listen With Mother, Caroline soon had more listeners than all three BBC networks combined. If Radio Caroline was providing in 1967 (as it’s jingle stated) ‘the Sound of the Nation', what has been achieved 40 years on? Where can the sound of the nation be heard today?

Home produced music may be still as popular as ever but today people are using new technology to produce and distribute their own news programs and documentaries. The campaign video has finally left the underground and burst onto the high street cinema screens. Super Size Me, Farenheit 911 and The Corporation are recent box office hits due to their anti-corporate messages. Produced on consumer technology these movies are just the tip of a burgeoning network of media activists.

We will take an audience on a journey into the heart of the active and vibrant media activist scene. We will show how in 2001 the Italian state tried to stop people telling their own stories of globalisation by hospitalising alternative news gatherers, smashing their equipment and fabricating evidence against them.

Today the videomakers are using the 'net, solar powered cinemas and underground video festivals to bypass the mainstream news agenda.

What does the future hold for the new breed of news gatherer?

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