Monday, July 14, 2008

Cocaine in the movies

How to snort cocaine for a movie!

I have been watching a discussion about the best way to give the illusion of 'snorting' anything without actually doing for a movie.

Roll up the banknote around a cigarrette filter-tip (for roll-ups) placed at the end that goes into the nose. The actor can then be seen to roll up the note in view (concealing the filter tip) and then snort the 'coke'. The powder goes up the note and is stopped by the filter, and doesn't fall back out again until the actor stops snorting.

> I'm probably just old fashioned - but I don't think anyone
> should be suggesting actors "snorting" anything for a movie
> including Vitamin C powder!
> Movies are meant to be an illusion!
> > Hi, > > For fake cocaine just nip into your chemist and buy
> some of > those vitamin C tubes that you break the end off of
> and pour > down your throat. Works a treat. Looks like coke.

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