Thursday, June 05, 2008

Killer Coca Cola

Mark Thomas the comedian is writing a book about Coca Cola, which will be published this September and here?s your chance to be included in it! Yelp with joy
and holler with anticipation folks! Not only can you get a mention in
the book but you will also take part in a mildly annoying action
against the purveyors of gassy juice.
As many of you may know Coca Cola bottlers in Colombia face allegations
that the plant managers colluded with paramilitaries to bring about the
deaths of trade unionists working for the Coke plants.

In 2001 the Colombian union Sinaltrainal brought a court case in the
USA against the bottlers and also claimed that the Coca Cola Company
bore indirect responsibility. The Colombian bottlers rather than
investigate the claims of collusion instead brought legal charges
against the trade union in Colombia, claiming the bottlers had been

What was this libel? What did the union say about the company that
defamed them? Well, according to the bottlers the union committed
slander by bringing the court case in the US. So logically if the
victim of a crime can commit a libel by bringing a court case?well that
opens up all sorts of legal possibilities. So here is the plan...

Mark would like you to suggest a victim of crime or oppression who
should be taken to court for slander. This can be a retrospective
claim, something which is happening now, or for those of you who are
anticipating victims of crime, something in the future.

For example, a case against the suffragettes for claiming that men
can?t run the country, or the Bhopal families from inhaling Union
Carbide products without permission. The choice is yours.

The best suggestions will appear in the book and those that are
printable will be sent to Coca Cola Femsa who currently operate most of
the Colombian bottling plants, with the suggestion that they might like
to take on these counter claims too.

Send your suggestions to:

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