Thursday, June 26, 2008

Great festival

Great festival
I went to this last year and had a ball.

For this July the long range forecast is superb, but just in case there are a few
drops we wanted to explain why The SGP will never become a mud pit (and why Gene
Kelly would be smiling in The Garden also).

* Your 125 pound ticket is the first line in defence when it comes to ensuring the
Party rolls on if the heavens decide to open. The monies generated from your ticket
allow us to ensure this small festival has all the facilities of its larger cousins
– steel road and tons of woodchip to ensure car parks, walkways, camp grounds and
toilets remain clean and easily accessed at all times. The military use steel road
for tanks, so we're sure it will cope with 6000 Gardeners.

* The Secret Garden is 100% owned by The Head Gardener. This has allowed us to build
access roads over the past years that link all the main stages to the public
highway. No matter what the weather, they will always open on time and with their
full lineups in place.

* The Secret Garden has the most dedicated site management team and the full support
of the neighbouring farm. If any drops fall, a small army of tractors, trailers and
willing crew immediately go to work delivering woodchip, gravel and straw to ensure
any trouble spots do not become mud pits.

* Crucially, the SGP is SMALL!!! This means there is space for everyone under the
canvases of our tents. Indeed, we put a lot of effort into ensuing the numbers
onsite match the capacities of our beautiful tents. Also, fewer feet means less
damage to grass. Perfect.

* Finally, you The Gardeners, are the most spirited people on this fine Island. You
understand the spirit of singing in the rain and the joy of dancing as rain drops
fall onto the parched grass. The British weather is the reason The Garden is so
beautiful so we must rejoice in all its various guises.

We don't know why we are telling you this anyway as The Bear has sold his soul for
guaranteed sunshine.

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