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Denouncing the "welcome" George Bush will get in UK

Leading voices from the world of politics and the arts are
publicly denouncing the "welcome" George Bush will get from
the Queen and Gordon Brown on 15 June. The latest is Clare
Short, the former Labour government minister, who says,
"Where is Brown on this issue? Has Britain got any bottom
line? All that rhetoric about Brown being the change after
Blair has been exposed as nonsense."

We print below, some of the statements sent to Stop the War
by writers, composers, political campaigners, artists and

Not just responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands
of people, George Bush seized the very word Democracy
illegally, mocked it, tortured it and did his best to kill
it. This is a crime against the future.

BIANCA JAGGER, human rights advocate:
George W Bush is responsible for flagrant violations of
human rights and international law. His immoral, illegal and
unwinnable wars have cost the lives of more than a million
people. Bush is responsible for extraordinary renditions,
detentions without trial and the atrocities at Guantanamo
Bay and Abu Ghraib, and he must be held accountable. An
international tribunal must be established, along with the
inquiry into US war crimes that Amnesty International has
called for. If Bush and Blair had presided as CEOs over
comparable fraudulent and deceptive practices in the City,
they would have been immediately and unceremoniously

HAIFA ZANGANA, Iraqi writer & novelist:
If democracy is to return to America and Britain, both Bush
and Blair have to be charged with war crimes against the
Iraqis. As the US Commander-in-Chief, he is guilty of the
crimes committed in Abu Ghraib, and those committed by his
soldiers; in particular, the rape of A'beer Qassim Hamza al
- Janaby, the fourteen year old girl who was gang-raped and
set on fire by US marines after they had killed her parents
and her four year old sister.

KATE HUDSON, Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament:
I charge George Bush with illegally attacking Iraq on
trumped up charges, imposing a brutal occupation, wrecking
the infrastructure and public services, using chemical
weapons on civilian populations, littering the country with
cluster bombs and depleted uranium munitions, causing
hundreds of thousands of deaths and untold human sorrow and
suffering. He must be brought to justice.

WILLIAM BLUM, US writer and journalist:
I charge George W. Bush with breaking the hearts and
crushing the idealism of an entire generation of young
Americans who have been forced into the realization that
America, their beloved America, has no regard for
international law and human rights, and worst of all,
tortures people, routinely and cruelly. They are
compelled to wonder: What kind of world is this we've been
born into?

SABAH JAWAD, Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation:
We call for George Bush and his criminal gangs on both sides
of the Atlantic to stand trial for the unimaginable war
crimes they have committed against Iraq and the Iraqi
people. If there is any justice in the world they should be
locked up.

DAVID EDGAR, playwright:
Powerful UN members are refusing to agree a definition of
terrorism unless it excludes the actions of states. Our own
Terrorism Acts define terrorism as the use of force for a
political objective, against the state. Thank goodness the
Nuremberg trials - and now the International Court of
Justice at the Hague - provide an alternative way to get the
heads of government who order illegal acts of indiscriminate
violence against other people's countries.

IAIN BANKS, novelist:
Please charge Dubya with being a war criminal, a peace
criminal and unfit to be in charge of anything larger or
more important than a pretzel. Actually, including a

George Bush - with the assistance of Tony Blair- has
demolished any moral authority formerly commanded in the
world by the US and the West. The veil has been torn open
on the true nature of US global power, never to be replaced.
When Bush comes to Britain he should be detained like
Pinochet and sent for trial for crimes against humanity.

MOAZZAM BEGG, former Guantanamo detainee and spokesman for
History will judge G.W. Bush as the man who wreaked
devastation and destruction on the earth even as he was
having men tortured in the world's most notorious and secret
prisons. Justice cannot be done until such men are brought
to book for their crimes.

George Bush bears a heavy responsibility as the leader of
most powerful country in the world who has comprehensively
turned his back on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
of 1948 and the whole concept of international law, has
authorized world wide oppression, detention without charge
and torture and has attempted to put himself and his army
beyond the reach of the rule of law. He has betrayed the
Founding Fathers of America who were inspired by liberty,
fraternity and equality.

George Bush criminally lied and deceived a panicky United
States into starting an illegal, bungled, shameful and
counter-productive war. Bush also persuaded the eagerly
gullible Blair to believe anything that might seem to
justify needlessly dragging Britain in as well. These two
men, forever handcuffed together by history, will be
remembered only for the futility, the terrible consequences
and the unnumbered victims of their joint folly.

BEN GRIFFIN, former soldier:
President George W Bush, a vile war criminal, visits a
subservient client state to be feted as "The Leader of the
Free World". Meanwhile the subjects of said client state get
pissed, buy junk and watch TV. Wake up.

AL KENNEDY, writer and novelist:
Mr. Bush continues to contravene human rights law in his
treatment of prisoners in US custody across the world, in
his abduction of "suspects" and in his enthusiastic
endorsement of torture. He has dragged the US and its allies
into two illegal wars of pre-emptive aggression, using
illegal weapons and repeatedly contravening laws set in
place to protect non-combatants.

To add to the extensive list of crimes committed by the
heinous war criminal George Bush, I charge him with being
responsible for the birth of hundreds of babies deformed as
a result of the chemical bombs dropped on Basra and other
cities during the Iraq War.

George W Bush you face disgrace
For crimes against the human race.
Put these handcuffs on your wrists -
Terrorist of Terrorists.

ANDREW MURRAY, Chair of Stop the War Coalition:
George Bush bears the moral responsibility for the violent
deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq alone.
He should be in the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, not
Downing Street and if Gordon Brown wants to speak for
Britain, he will tell him so.

HAROLD PINTER, playwright and Nobel Prize winner:
There is no more suitable candidate for Leading War Criminal
than George Bush. The only person that comes anywhere near
him is Tony Blair. They are both beneath contempt. Bush
should certainly be arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay
where he can rot forever.

George Bush is a war criminal who has murdered uncounted
hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

Called by Stop the War Coalition and the Campaign for
Nuclear Disarmament

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