Monday, June 02, 2008

Comical Counter-culture Artist

Anyone who has attended festivals in the 1960-90s will love these comics.

Big Bang Comics are the creation of unique artist Pete Loveday. Since1981 he has drawn many comics that have now been collected into three big compilation graphic novels, all following the exploits and madcap adventures of Russell, the well meaning hippie hero who just can't get any peace or stability into his life .

Pete has an excellent graphic style- as evinced in his drawings produced here -and he also displays a wicked sense of humour and keen observation of 'alternative culture ' architypes and sub cultures which he puts to great use in his comic strips . In particular he excells in depicting the free festival and alternative Festival scene .

In Russell , The Saga of a Peaceful Man part 2 , our hero jouneys to the Glastonphast festival in order to make his fortune selling cardboard bog seats to the masses ,needless to say he does NOT make any dosh, but he does provide us with many hilarious incidents on the way and I can definitely recommend that you score yourself a copy of the mag and the others as well. Below is a further example to give you an idea of what to expect . More drawings are spread out over the free festival web site, and all will link back to this page, where you can order copies of the mags if you look below .

Petes latest comix are now called Big Trip Travel Agency.

Or contact Pete online

96 pages each, with a cover price of £7.99 each. For all 3 - £14.00 including postage within UK. Cheques to:

Pete Loveday
2 Town Farm Cottages
Bratton Fleming
North Devon
EX31 4RT

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