Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Coal Walk


March from Rochester to Kingsnorth

Sunday 3rd August
The opening day of the Camp for Climate Action.


Assemble 12 noon at Rochester Station.
Trains take 40 to 70 minutes from Victoria or Charing Cross and there are several
per hour. See

We will march together with the Camp for Climate Action “Caravan” on its last day
before it reaches the ‘Climate Camp’ itself - but this will be a legal, organised

You can (1) march all the way (seven miles), (2) just attend a brief rally and
march a mile or so through Rochester, or (3) just do the first and last parts of the
march (get a bus from Strood and join us again at Hoo for the final mile or so to
Kingsnorth). You can go with the caravan to check out the Climate Camp on its first

A new wave of coal-fired power stations will be a disaster for any meaningful
attempt to avert catastrophic climate change. Come and lend some support to the
movement that is building against it !

More info as it becomes available www.campaigncc.org

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