Friday, June 13, 2008

Be an USA video reporter


The American News Project ( is dedicated to
defending and promoting the public interest through high-quality,
investigative video journalism. Our staff includes video professionals who
have worked at CNN, BBC, National Geographic, PBS Frontline, Bill Moyers
Journal and other respectable media outlets. Our reports (some call them
mini-documentaries) regularly end up on prominent media outlets like the
Huffington Post.

We are building out our network of freelance filmmakers and video
journalists. ANP is run very much like a traditional magazine. Video
reports are produced by staff reporters and qualified freelancers. Our
stories are distributed to hundreds of blogs and major media sites.

We are assembling a community of video journalists and documentary
filmmakers who believe in quality, accuracy and in the transformative
potential of good multimedia storytelling. Some of the most incisive
reporting is produced by those who know the personalities and communities
directly affected by issues and events.

If you are a documentary filmmaker or professional video journalist who
would like to work with us on stories please click on the link below and
fill out your info.

We believe that these are seminal times, both in the evolution of media
and the project of America. By grinding away at pernicious problems; by
holding the powerful accountable; by seeking out universal stories of
struggle and transcendence; by highlighting voices overlooked by
mainstream outlets; by making a commitment to quality; by partnering with
our peers in the independent press; and by assembling an online community
of media junkies who hunger to participate, we hope to help pioneer a form
of online public-interest broadcasting that is both entertaining and

So, welcome. We hope you enjoy, and we hope you participate.

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