Thursday, May 08, 2008

Nuke watch film out now


Deadly Cargo - Our new film uncovers how fully assembled Trident
nuclear warheads are transported on public roads in secret convoys,
passing large centres of population such as Oxford, Birmingham,
Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow on their journey between
AWE Burghfield in Berkshire and RNAD Coulport in Western Scotland.
Interviewing grassroots activists, environmental journalists and
international disarmament experts as well as local authorities and
fire services, about the dangers and illegalities of this deadly
cargo, the Camcorder Guerillas offer an insight into an issue usually
well hidden from the public. We find out how ordinary citizens in the
Nukewatch network track and campaign against the convoy and its
deadly cargo – and how you can help put an end to this nuclear madness.

The film was made in collaboration with Nukewatch and premiered in
Glasgow last month to an public audience of 350 people. The
terrifically talented and acclaimed folk artist Karine Polwart
composed a track for the film and was so impressed and moved by the
film that she is planning to do an autumn tour along the convoy route
showing the film at all the gigs along the way, which is great and
draws in a whole new audience. She has also included a link to
Camcorder Guerillas on her CD cover! We are also getting all the
Scottish MSP's a copy in collaboration with the Peace & Justice
Centre in Edinburgh who are planning to do some strong lobbying in
conjunction with the DVD release. The DVD also contains two other
Guerilla films documenting the protests and the protestors at Faslane
Naval Base in Scotland.

Available to buy on DVD for either £10 for individuals

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