Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Get your film seen in film festivals

The one thing all film-makers agree on is the importance of film festivals; they create an audience and an appetite for short films that is invaluable. The British Council has been instrumental in finding and nurturing talented new filmmakers and has long recognised the necessity of providing them with a platform for presenting their work at key international events.

Film-makers submit their recently completed shorts to the British Council on DVD with an accompanying festivals submissions form. There are no deadlines, all genres are eligible and generally anything under 45 minutes is classed as a short. The selection panel will then assess the work’s suitability for film festivals and select the best to promote internationally. We work with approximately 50 festivals annually. In some cases we give travel grants to enable filmmakers to attend festivals screening their film. We also have a fund to help with making a first print (this is a contribution towards the overall costs) – the two main criteria are that the British Council must have selected the film and it must have a definite offer of a screening from a major international film festival.

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