Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Films I have directed

Just updated by CV so thought i would share it with you

Paul O'Connor
I co-founded Undercurrents back in 1994 and have since co-founded BeyondTv international video festival and now building an IPTV channel, VisionOnTV.

Paul O’Connor
Born in Dublin, Ireland

In London 1993 I co-founded the award winning undercurrents, a non-profit alternative news service. My work has been screened in the Tate Modern art gallery and is broadcast regulary on Channel 4, ITV, BBC2. I write extensively for newspapers and books on video activism (the use of video for social change). I have trained human rights and environmental campaigners in Romania,the Middle East, Europe, USA, Australia, Nepal and South Korea. In 2000 I co-founded the annual BeyondTV international film festival. I am currently producing a series of podcasts on environmental topics.

Notable documentaries directed by Paul O’Connor include

Breaking News- (1999)documentary exploring how the police control the news
agenda. Winner of best documentary British BAVA Awards 1999

If I had a Hammer (1996)- Exploring the story of how four women disarmed
British war-planes sold to Indonesia using household hammers.

Major Resistance (1998) – directed 2x 30minute programmes exploring
dissent in Britain. Broadcast on Channel 4 1998

Alt World (2001)- directed an investigation into the arrests of
journalists in Britain. Broadcast on Channel 4 2001

Globalisation and the Media (2001)- how the mass media shape public
opinion. Winner of best documentary Tokyo video festival 2003, Winner One
World Canada 2002,

Evolving Minds (2002)- co-director-A documentary exploring alternatives to the Mental
health system

Reach for the Sky (2004)- Documentary exploring links between Climate
Change and Aviation. Winner Best Ecology film Swansea Bay film festival

The Only Clown in the Village (2006)- how a British-Asian entertainer
helped Tsunami victims.
Winner best Welsh Independent Film 2006.

Bike2Oz- (2008) Cycling 12,000km rather than damaging the climate by flying.

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