Wednesday, April 30, 2008


June 18th –21st 2008 , Košice, Slovakia

We are pleased to inform you that the 14th International Festival of
Local Televisions will be held from June 18th to 21st, 2008 in Košice,
Slovakia. The festival is organized by the City TV Foundation.

We encourage you to enter your programs into the competition for the
Golden Beggar Award. We expect entries that reflect the life and fates
of people living in your place. We also welcome works that discover
serious problems of the present society like corruption, blackmailing,
minority and cross-border problems and children fates. The deadline for
programs to reach us in Košice is 26th May, 2008.

To select the category of your programme please use the following
category descriptions.

1. News
2. Documentary
3. Investigative Journalism
4. Entertainment
5. Children's /Youth programmes
6. Music
7. Animation
8. Young producer (category for young people who don´t represent any

In terms of length, films registered for competition should generally
not exceed 40 minutes. Therefore also very short ones, those less than
10 minutes long, are welcome. Please read the detailed instructions at

Programmes to be sent to:
City TV Foundation, Hutnícka 1, 040 01 Košice, Slovakia


You are also welcome to take part in the festival as a delegate. The
deadline for registration as a delegate is May 31th 2008.

You can register your programme and yourself as a delegate
electronically at from April 20th 2008.

All details on program and participation are available from April 20th,
2008 at http//

Please spread this message to all the people who might be interested in
our festival.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Košice in June.

Eva Dekanovska
President of the Festival
Phone : 00421 55 79 79 117, Fax : 00421 55 79 79 112,
Email :


david santos said...

Hello, Paul!
Thanks for your informacion!
Have a nice day

Paulo @ undercurrents said...

We are proud to invite you to compete for recognition and demonstrate your importance in building the democratic principles of local society. Every year tens of entries are submitted to the festival. About 12 hours of the most innovative programmes go to the final .

How to Enter Your Programme

A typed entry form must be filled in for each individual production submitted. Each entry must be listed on a separate entry form and a separate cassette for pre-selection. If you need more copies of the entry form you can simply photocopy the form. A short synopsis of your programme should be attached to the cassette. Do not forget ! If your programme is neither dubbed or subtitled please include an English script!

To select the category of your programme please use the following category descriptions:

1. News & News Reports
2. Documentary
3. Investigative Journalism
4. Entertainment
5. Children's /Youth programmes
6. Music
7. Animation
8. Young producer ( category for young people who don´t represent any television )

Indicate the category on the entry form

All entries are judged by a pre-selection jury appointed by organisers. Entries are evaluated for production values, content and inventiveness. You'll be notified if your entry has been selected for the final by the end of May. The final programmes will be screened in 4 screening sessions . All submitted programmes, i.e. including those which were not selected for the final, will be available in digitalized form.


Winners of all categories will be announced at our gala Award Ceremony on June 21, 2008 in the Dom Umenia in Košice . The International Jury decides about the awarded programmes in each category. The Grand Award "The Golden Beggar" Košice 2008 will be given to an any of the categories which shows a strong journalistic content , an element of originality and clear understanding of the needs of its local viewers.

Shipping instructions

The tapes and forms should be sent directly to the Festival by mail or courier. Please don't forget to label your entries with the same information as on the Programme Registration Form. The deadline for receipts of entries is May 26, 2008. To ensure proper processing and judging of your entry, it is important that your entry forms and video be received in the Festival by the deadline. If you anticipate any problems, please contact us immediately.


Please note on the parcel:

"No commercial value! - For cultural purposes only!"
For electronic form of programme registration look in the section "Registration" .

Hutnicka 1
040 01 Kosice