Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Doctor Who Hears Voices

Rufus May appears in our film Evolving Minds so this will be interesting to watch.

"The Doctor Who Hears Voices tells the true story of Ruth, a junior
doctor, who has begun to hear a male voice telling her to kill herself.
Suspended from her job, she turns to clinical psychologist Rufus May who
is known for his unconventional approach to treating people with severe
mental health problems.

Although she admitted feeling depressed and suicidal to her employers,
Ruth knows they would have sacked her immediately if she had told them
about the voice."

*Monday 21 April
**Channel 4 *
*10:00pm-11:20pm *
Drama-documentary by BAFTA award winning film maker, based on a true
story. When junior doctor Ruth hears a male voice telling her to kill
herself she turns to Rufus May, a maverick clinical psychologist and an
expert in the field of severe mental illnesses, to overcome her problem
and find a way back to work.
Director Leo Regan
Producer Leo Regan

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