Monday, February 25, 2008

What do you do when television doesn't inspire you?

Set up an alternative is what Undercurrents, an award winning media charity, has
done. Entitled VisionOnTV, the new channel of videos can be watched on the
internet for free. One of the new series includes an A-Z of Bushcraft. The
short videos are presented by experienced Bushcrafter, Andrew Price. Topics
covered include water filtration, shelter building, edible wild plants, as well
as knife & axe handling.

Bushcraft lovers have 2 options on VisionOnTV. You can either download a
dedicated video player which allows you to subscribe to a plethora of
programmes for free. Choose from a worldwide selection of documentaries about
low impact houses, peak oil, and other environmental topics.

The second option is to copy and paste the Java code on your website or blog.
This will simply embed the Bushcraft video player into your website/Blog.
Everytime a new Bushcraft show is published, it will automatically appear in
your website/blog. No downloading required.

This service hopes to remain totally free as Undercurrents are seeking a sponser
so if you want to join the media revolution, please log on for more details to

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