Monday, February 04, 2008

Pledge to support a video about cycling to Oz

Pledge “Bike2Oz”

"I will produce an online video about cycling to Australia from the Uk. but only if 10 other people will donate £50."

Deadline to sign up by: 1st March 2008
10 people needed

Overview: Each episode of Bike2Oz will be distributed for free to video-sharing sites such as YouTube, ITunes,Googlevideo, BlipTv, Myspace, Veoh and at least 4 other popular websites. The series will also be distributed to subscribers via a number of online TV channels.

More about Bike2Oz
As the effects of global warming become more apparent, a train conductor and a teacher set out to see the world while contributing as little damage as possible to the environment. The couple cycled the entire 18 month route on Dawes Super Galaxy bikes.

Photographs and details of their epic adventure can be viewed here

Please support our project and inspire people to get on their bikes!

Full details here

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