Thursday, February 07, 2008

Can you Fund our bike 2 australia films?

Imagine one day getting on your bike in the UK and not stopping until you pedaled to Australia. Now, imagine you wanted to tell that story. We are Undercurrents, an award winning charity, hoping to produce an online video series about the young British couple that successfully cycled from Oxford to Sydney via Pakistan, India, Iran and Malaysia. We are seeking a sponsor to support us in making a series of videos about their 18 month epic adventure. The couple filmed their entire trip and we would like to offer a company the unique opportunity to promote their business and also support our charity.

In 2007, the number people in the UK watching videos online jumped by 28% to 21 million. Would you like to reach this new exciting audience? Each episode of Bike2Oz will be distributed for free to video-sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, and iTunes.

As the effects of global warming become more apparent, a train conductor and a teacher shunned aviation and set out to see the world while contributing as little damage as possible to the environment. The audience for Bike2Oz will be mostly young and environmentally conscious, interested in cycling, adventure and travel. Each online episode will be 7 minutes in length. We are aiming to gain an audience of 750,000. Please be one of them.

Details of their epic adventure can be viewed here.

If you can help to make their story a reality, please contact us.
Paul O’Connor
01792 455900 or 07973 298359

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