Thursday, February 14, 2008

'The Age Of Stupid'


'The Age Of Stupid' (formerly known as Crude) is the unmissable new
climate change documentary for the big screen from Franny Armstrong,
the director of 'McLibel', and John Battsek, the producer of the
Oscar-winning 'One Day In September'.

'The Age of Stupid' mixes documentary footage, drama and cutting-edge
animation, and stars Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite as an old man
living in the devastated world of 2055. As he watches 'archive'
footage from 2007, he asks himself: Why didn't we stop climate change
when we had the chance?


After three years on the project, we're almost at the finishing line:
247 hours of documentary footage (from New Orleans, India, the Alps,
the Niger Delta and Cornwall) are in the can. We've composed the
orchestral score, completed most of the animation and edited a
90-minute rough cut. We're aiming to launch The Age of Stupid at the
Cannes Film Festival (fingers crossed) in May 2008, followed by
international cinema release in early summer.

The film is "crowd-funded". Meaning we raised the cash from
independent contributors. This is mostly to give it the best chance
of reaching a mainstream multiplex audience, but also to avoid having
studio executives telling us to tone it down. All of director Franny
Armstrong's films have been made outside the traditional studio
system, yet they have sold successfully to TV & cinema companies
worldwide and have been watched by more than 53 million people.
McLibel was recently featured as one of only two UK films in the
BFI's 'Ten Documentaries Which Changed The World' series.

The first £325,000 of the budget for The Age of Stupid was raised by
selling 'shares' to people who care about climate change. These
investors all own a percentage of the film - as do the crew, who are
working for massively reduced rates. If the film makes as much money
as Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 - admittedly the biggest grossing
documentary of all time - an initial £500 investment would recoup
about £60,000. But whatever the film's box office, every investor in
The Age of Stupid will know that they have supported a film that will
hopefully be a significant landmark in the ongoing battle against
climate change. You get the warm fuzzy feeling either way.

We've raised £325k so far and are now hoping to raise the final £65k.
The minimum investment is £2.5k and donations are also most welcome.

For more information about the film:

For more information about funding:


There's a preview screening of the film for any potential investors
on Monday Feb 25. It will be held in Central London - location TBC.
Contact Lizzie to reserve a seat: > or 07789 862 011.

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