Tuesday, January 22, 2008

News from the sidelines

Undercurrents News Network Alternative NewsLetter 170

Hello all
Happy New Year to you all. Undercurrents has been building up for 2008 when we will launch our own application to allow you to view all our latest videos and download any format of video onto your PC.Watch this space. Meanwhile..

BeyondTv video makers chat show
Watch interviews with video activists from Afghanistan, USA,Ireland and UK.Undercurrents recorded the chat show during the 8th annual BeyondTv film festival in December.

Plymouth Showing of Undercurrents films
Ecovillage pioneers 15th Feb
Reach for the sky 14th March
Speakers wanted to host discussions after these films.
Contact info@plymouthenvironmentcentre.org.uk>
Plymouth Environment Centre http://www.plymouthenvironmentcentre.org.uk

Mark Thomas Comedy Show on DVD
Last chance to have this funny comedian/investigator on DVD. We only have 50 DVDs left and we are not getting anymore duplicated so get the last of them.

Ireland calling
Interesting insight into the Tara protests in Ireland.Imagine a road through the Pyramids

Surfing & climate change

Stuff it!
Film about stuff and how it impacts on the Earth and us!

Great banner protest

Protest Archive images wanted
Undercurrents has been busy supplying archive images for documentaries worldwide.This month examples include police batons -'The history of weapons' for National Geographic,Protests against open cast mining for ITV and the Israeli invasion of Bethlehem for a USA channel. If you have great archive images which you would like undercurrents to sell on your behalf please get in touch

Click Click
Environmental Photographer

Sea Shepherd
Drama on the high sea as two activist crew members of the Sea Shepherd vessel, were taken hostage by the Japanese harpoon vessel.


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