Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lights out all over UK

31st October 2007
4pm to 5pm


On the evening of Wednesday 31st October 2007, all over Britain,
offices, shops, public buildings and homes are being asked to turn off
the lights for one precious hour of Climate Calm between 4pm and 5pm.

We hope that people will be playful, but stay safe, during BLACKOUT

Turn off the burn : switch off and unplug things you don't need for an

A Big Switch Off is a beacon of hope.

It's going to be a great collective moment of action on energy, and we
hope everyone can make a contribution. We are all connected together by
the electricity supply, the National Grid, and so its highly symbolic to
turn out the lights. Let's work together on energy waste !

We're not going to get dogmatic or nag, but to those Energy Wasters who
won't join in we say : 'What a waste of energy !'

Responding to Climate Change starts with thinking about the way we use
energy, and we hope that this Lights Out moment will help people to
think about the ways in which they can save energy.

Saving energy is so much cheaper than providing more energy as demand
goes up. We are constructing more clean energy systems, but it is taking
time and money to get this done. Energy conservation is still a very
good idea, that we need to put into practice.

BLACKOUT BRITAIN is not only about individual actions. We also want to
encourage people to think about ways in which their employers and Local
Authorities can save energy.

We also want people to show their support for sensible, practical
policies on the use of Carbon Energy in Britain, by getting involved in
the democratic processes of change.

Climate Change is a serious issue, and some people find it frightening
and depressing. This 31st October, we hope to dispel the inner gloom and
doom, whilst cutting our dependency on Carbon Energy.

For those people who feel unsafe to turn the lights out and unplug
equipment, you can do other things that are equally important.

For the average person, transport energy makes up a third of their use,
and heating energy makes up another third. So travelling less on 31st
October and using less heating and hot water is just as good as turning
the lights out.

And while you're not burning fuel, you don't need to sit alone in the
dark and do nothing. You can be doing other enjoyable things instead.

There are many fun and Carbon-free ways to enjoy the Feast of Playful
Darkness. Here are some of the things that our supporters are planning.
Feel free to join in or do your own thing. And do let us know what
you're up to :-


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