Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Glastonbury Festival

Just got back from the mud bath which is Glastonbury. But i had a marvellous time despite not getting my camera out (BBC wouldnt allow anyone else to broadcast without their permission). I had applied for undercurrents to make an A-Z of Green Glastonbury but the press office told me No..perhaps it should have been A-Z of Brown Glastonbury??

My tent and sleeping bag had to be abandoned coz they didnt handle the torrential downpour. They joined the other 10,000 tents abandoned which i saw. But the festie vibe was great and i had a wicked time. Great music, cabaret and Iggy Pop inciting a stage invasion was great..'take control, take over baby come on' it!
Watch the video we made at 2005 festival.

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