Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Off to Ireland with new film.

Our latest movie is finished..EcoVillage Pioneers is all about the rise of environmentally friendly communities. Many use materials gathered from the land they live on..mud for wall, wool for insulation, wood for structure. Very inspiring as we explore ecovillages in Oz, Wales, Scotland, England, Spain and Ireland.

So the world premiere is on next week on International Earth Day * 22nd of April
in Ireland. Anyone in Tipperary, pop along to Main Street Cloughjordan (site of Ireland first Ecovillage) 7pm to see the 50min film.

EcoVillage Pioneers (50mins)
A woman and her young son go on a journey to find a sustainable community to
live in. They explore Crystal Waters permaculture village in Australia, Sunseed
Technology centre in Spain, Findhorn spiritual community in Scotland, and the
low impact settlement, Tinkers Bubble in England. The film also follows The
establishment of Lammas EcoVillage in Wales and The Village in Ireland. the
film includes co-founder of the world renowned Centre of Alternative
Technology. EcoVillage Pioneers is a personal and beautiful insight into how a
sustainable world is being created from the grassroots.

Produced by the award winning Undercurrents.
Released July 2007

However....getting there..
I checked the ferries and found that the Swansea-Cork ferry has been suspended coz they haven't got a boat. The company sold its old ferry last October and bid over £22m for a replacement but the deal had collapsed.

Stunning..with climate change, flying is very bad for the old planet so ferry was a great option. It is ironic that the service has had to be suspended at a time when the market indicators suggest an upturn in ferry travel.

So looking at next options now.

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