Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An interesting life

New Undercurrents Bushcraft show
Wondered how to survive when the oil runs out..try Bushcraft

Anti Corp festival
The 2007 CounterCorp Anti-Corporate Film Festival is seeking submissions for this year's festival in San Francisco.

Enter_ Unknown Territories is an exciting festival of interactive and
playful public art events, live performances, a conference, workshop and
club nights taking place throughout Cambridge.Take part in a LED workhop, get lost in an intelligent maze, fly kites equipped with cameras, star in a CCTV feature film, grow a virtual narrative forest, ride bikes that boil kettles, adventure into an interactive landscape with only your heart to guide you. Hang out at an experimental club night; learn more about open source software, license-free music downloads and circuit bending.

Link into alternative London
The Synergy Centre is located at 220 Farmers Road, London SE5

New video training course begins
Undercurrents latest 10 week course. A taster day on April 19. Details here

Reply with your postal address for a free undercurrents catalogue of our videos, DVD and Books etc.

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