Thursday, August 17, 2006

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Released Sept 8th- How corporations send civilians into a profitable warzone. Watch a trailer of the new Robert Greenwald Film.

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Doctor Who actress arrested on protest
Undercurrents filmed the arrest of a TV actress in Cardiff during a protest against Israel's bombing of Lebanonese children. Full story and photos

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

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Press Release

Wednesday August 9 2006


At 9.10am this morning 6 people were arrested for criminal damage to the pillars of Cardiff Museum.

The protesters covered the outside of the museum in fake blood handprints. Helen Griffin, actress from Doctor Who and recent BAFTA winner was arrested red handed. De Murphy, a grandmother who left her 24 hour Peace vigil at Swansea castle to join the protest was also arrested. A Palestinian Doctor was also amongst the arrested.

The protesters say their actions were aimed at highlighting the British and U.S Governments involvement in the bombing of innocent civilians in Lebanon.

Blood soaked handprints were spread across the steps to highlight the number of lives being lost during Israel’s bombardment of Lebanon.

Street theatre was staged with masked actors playing President Bush and Prime Minster Blair. A case containing $3Billion will be handed over to the Israeli Prime minister Ehud Omert reflecting the United States subsidising of the Israeli war machine each year. The sum amounts to 30% of the US foreign aid budget.

Helen Griffin said
‘Israel has meanwhile broken more UN resolutions than any other country.
1000 Lebanese civilians, nearly half of which have been children, have died since the invasion 28 days ago. Israel has sent its warplanes on more than 8700 bombing missions.’


Notes to Editors
Video images will be available from Undercurrents productions. Contact Paul O’Connor on 07973 298359
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