Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We just got back from Buddhafield festival..beautiful time and what a difference it makes with no alchohol onsite. No pissed up people and a real intelligent audience that engage with our films on such a different level than any other festival we run a cinema at.

July 7th London bombs.
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but...Did we really get the full story from the media?

Reach for the Sky
Thinking of flying this summer? Check out our latest film on climate change first

Undercurrents in Spain
Our film 'Wild Horses of Newbury' by Mark Carroll has been accepted in the Marbella film festival. Chosen from 400 worldwide films our film was only one of 40 chosen. So if you are there in September check it out.

Mobile cinema seeks films
The Projector Tank, a not-for-profit community mobile cinema seeks
Educational films and animations, aimed for children or adults, about the environment or conceptions of sustainability.

Autographed Mark Thomas Comedy DVD up for auction
Mark has scribbled his autograph on the cover so try a bid (only a few days left)

Low impact ecovillage
Undercurrents are supporting an eco village so watch our monthly videos of the progress.

Internet TV video
Interesting speech on the future of video on the net

Amnesty slam internet big wigs
Amnesty International urge users of Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google to use their power as consumers to help end corporate complicity in suppression of the internet in China. The report calls on the companies to reveal which words they have banned from blogs or filtered out of web searches in China.

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