Saturday, July 01, 2006

Journey around cyber space

Farnborough airshow may look like a family day out but in 2004, 47 of the world’s top 100 arms companies attended. CAAT will be protesting at the arms show on Monday 17th July from 11am. Anyone who is filming please get in touch with us here at undercurrents (

Mark Thomas Comedy DVD up for auction
Marks stand up show is on ebay so try your luck

Vote for Money
Co-Op bank customers are being asked to vote for climate change charities to receive funding-the more votes they receive, the more funding they can receive.Undercurrents recommends the Climate Outreach Information Network, a radical new charity who need funding.Vote for COIN before the end of July.

Joe Public
Public information films from 1945-2006 on the National Archives's website.

Burn your flags
They are punk and they like pink. Undercurrents caught Kilnaboy onstage recently and loved their raging song 'Burn your Flags'. Their first CD is out soon.

Comedians new website
Mark Thomas has a funky new website to launch his new book.

The Origins of Aids
A controversial film which suggests that HIV was spread in the late 1950s in Africa during the Polio vaccination programs. Watch online

Mad Inertia
When the mainstream media left a gaping hole in the market for a left viewpoint, Mad Inertia came to life during the national firefighters dispute. Check them out and their funky website

Adbusting in school
Teachers — Adbusters’ Media Empowerment Kit will inspire your students to break out of the media consumer trance!

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