Monday, June 26, 2006

Midsummer festivaling

Sunrise festival in Somerset last week was a cracking way to spend the was a festie with everything going for it apart from more many times must the counter culture forget to put as much work into adverting/marketing than actual production?
But fair play to the organisers, we had a great time. We take Undercurrents on tour now and next up is Small Nations festival in Wales and then Buddhafield in Somerset. Full list here

Meanwhile heres some interesting bits i found this week.

Ethical Film festival
Music and performance events, art workshops and talks, this summer Coed Hills is the place to be it appears. Undercurrents will be showing films.

Books in the Balkans
Croatian infoshop seeks donations of radical,revolutionary, libertarian and humanitarian thought in the form of books,comics, fanzines and magazines, CDs, videos and audiotapes etc.

Can you help undercurrents?
If you publish a newsletter/magazine/website and can include our funky .jpg advert please contact us and help us spread ourselves wider (so to speak)

Spiky Response
'You've lied about me, and tried to cover up any information which undermined your accusations'.BBC's John Simpson to Media Lens

Anarcho Komedy
Anarcistic, madcap Komedy Kollective touring theatre company seek venues for 2007 tour.

Free Digital Imaging in Art Workshops
Women only at the Dynevor Centre for Art, Design & Media, Swansea from 27th
June. Details Jenny on 01269 845155.

Non Photography Day July 17
A day to understand the inadequacy of the photograph in describing this essence, to bring awareness of the perils of living through the viewfinder

Undercurrents climate change film wins award
We won best Ecology film about aviation activism. Check it out here.

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