Saturday, May 06, 2006

Life beyond the mainstream

Howdy all
This is me trying out blogging for the first time.. check back for updates. Heres some things we have come across recently

Rent undercurrents DVDs for Free!
Mark Thomas comedy show, Broad Horizons, UNN all for free by post so check
it out here.

Cannabis cartoons
Yer 'aving a laugh! Going beyond the media hype about the herb.

Undercurrents touring across Europe
Undercurrent joins the Art and Activism Caravan (AAC) in June. The AAC is a
border crossing project travelling from Greece (early June) via Macedonia,
Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Hungary to the annual
activist environmentalist gathering Ecotopia in Slovakia

What is reality? Who defines it?
Evolving Minds offers a fresh and radical perspective on alternatives to
the mental health system. Presenting clear information in a humorous style
it covers diverse topics such as shamanism, nutrition, psychotherapy,
meditation and protest against draconian mental health legislation.
Includes exclusive footage of British army experiments with LSD.

Having nothing to say in London
A handfull of people take one BLANK placard into Westminster which results
in loadsa police including a surveilance squad. Mr Orwell never wrote how
farcical it would all become. It's an interesting video!

Cartoon president
Drawing a cartoon about G. W Bush...the video is a bit pointless so a bit
like Mr Bush himself then.

Producer needed for global pilgrimage film
The Rainbow Serpent Project ( is a Global Pilgrimage
around the earth’s seven chakra points to promote oneness and earth healing.
They need a producer contact

Celebration of World Press Freedom Day
Undercurrents marked May 3rd with film showings, discussions and fine wine.
You can read other interesting views from Tash, a UK photographer.

Documentary filmmakers wanted,low-paid
London-based production company seek filmmakers for charity
documentary. The documentary will involve extensive travel throughout the
UK throughout May and June.£50 per day. email cv's to

Where to see undercurrents near you this year

Filmmakers of the world unite!

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