Monday, May 22, 2006

Interesting links and festivals

We are hitting the road soon so come and play with us....

Undercurrents goes to Dorset
Join us in June at a festival with altitute (on a hill)

Comedian in the White House
This time it isn't Bush but a true stand up who gave a merciless
performance to the Press Correspondents' Association. Stephen Colbert went
way beyond the harmless routine they expected.

PROJECTILE: A festival of anarchist film and culture
16-18 June,Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne

Daily Mail payout to Indymedia journalist
Undercurrents have been busy supporting indymedia reporters during the
current Genoa court cases. This story deserves an airing about the Daily
Mails lies.,7558,1396813,00.html

Webmakers gathering
Inventor of the WWW. Tim Berners-Lee's comes to Edinburgh to bring together
visionaries and experts. From academia and business who drive the Web
forward, shaping and building its potential for new ways of communicating,
trading and collaborating. £750 GBP to attend per person but Free if you
can use a video camera to film the events.Call Daniel on 020 79936339.

The Art of Flight,
Watch online- a documentary about Sudanese refugees in Cairo and America’s
failing policies in the Middle East.

Where to see us this summer
Undercurrents in a place near you.

Hanging Farmer
British Farmer sells gallows to Zimbabwe.

Newbury Bypass book
A roads activist is releasing his book later this year but you can read
extracts online.'Newbury was a fight characterised by extreme cold, fire
and community, cider, drugs and living simply in the woods.'

Undercurrents nominated for 4 awards
Thanks partly to your voting, 4 films from undercurrents have been
shortlisted to win awards in the Swansea Bay Film Festival. The awards
ceremony is June 8th so fingers crossed.

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