Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Back from the Balkans

Just got back from Balkans after hosting video workshops there...stunning place and the young people are really rebuilding their country.

Our good friends at the Groovy Movie solar picture house cinema spent a couple of months in Portugal, and have made a fairly tongue in cheek film about driving the truck all the way through Europe, fuelling up with veg oil from supermarkets, and ignoring petrol stations.

Sadly they wont be at the Big Green Gathering this year..Instead they are booked for the Woodcraft Folk (think anarchist scouts) International youth camp. This will have over 5000 young people, aged 6 - 20, from all over the world. It runs for ten days, and deals with issues such as sustainability, social justice, globalisation, environment etc.

The kids are of the rare kind that give you hope for the future. Last time two ten year olds squatted an unused marquee on site, and according to the organizers, did it absolutely properly. The Nestle vending machine on the site was sabotaged every night so there is hope for the future!


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